Why Is Pink Insulation So Popular?

Offering fiberglass installation in Harrisburg and Gettysburg, SD

Despite the increasing popularity of spray foam, fiberglass is still the nation's most popular insulation material. Dakota Applicators offer two types of fiberglass installation services: rolled and blown-in. These products are from the Bay Seal and NCFI brands.

As you'd expect, rolled fiberglass comes in rolled up sheets, while loose, blown-in fiberglass is forced into an area through a blower. The type you use will depend on the area's size, shape and location.

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When to use blown-in fiberglass

When to use blown-in fiberglass

Why do so many homeowners and contractors in the Harrisburg and Gettysburg, SD areas prefer to use rolled or blown-in fiberglass? This type of insulation is:

  • Affordable: Fiberglass is one of the most cost-effective types of insulation available.
  • Versatile: Our techs can install blown-in fiberglass in small and unusually shaped areas.
  • Quiet: Like the BIB system insulation, fiberglass has soundproofing properties.

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