Protect Your Home With BIB Insulation

Installing BIB system insulation in the Gettysburg and Harrisburg, SD areas

BIB, or blown-in blanket, insulation bridges the gap between the coverage of spray foam insulation and the convenience of fiberglass. Dakota Applicators specializes in installing this type of insulation system.

The BIBs system works by stapling a tightly stretched blanket to the exposed framing, then packing the pocket with loose insulation. This creates a more complete fill than rolled insulation, because every inch is filled.

If you're building in Harrisburg or Gettysburg, SD, ask about BIB system insulation today.

Pros of the BIBs system

Pros of the BIBs system

If you want an efficient insulation system, turn to Dakota Applicators of Gettysburg and Harrisburg, South Dakota. Our BIB system insulation is:

  • Clean: Because the loose insulation is perfectly contained in the blanket, there's virtually no mess.
  • Low-waste: Each section is created for that area, so there are virtually no wasted materials.
  • Effective: BIB insulation fills the cavity completely, creating a dense pack.

The BIBs system also has a high resistance to conductive heat flow. Call 605-290-0997 now to talk to an installation technician in your area.